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REAL Movement is the first book to define true, integrated human motion, within the context of motor control theory.  Adam Wolf synthesizes his experiences in the movement industry into a digestible introduction to integrated motion while providing assessment and progression strategies.  In this book, Adam dives into understanding the interconnectedness of the body, within a framework where bones move, joints feel or perceive motion, and myofascia reacts to control the movement, all while being governed by the nervous system.

The reader will gain an understanding that the site of the injury typically isn’t the cause of the injury and is often the result of something doing too much because something above or below isn’t doing enough.

In-depth discussion includes:

  • Qualities of integrated movement
  • Naming 3-D joint motion
  • Introduction to motor control theories
  • Exercise/Movement Glossary
  • Current research on fascia and its influence movement
  • Clinical considerations sections with key points highlighted in each section
  • Additional readings list at the end of each chapter