Episode 10: Erson Religioso

This episode, Nick and Adam have the pleasure of talking with Erson Religioso, who is a physical therapist, educator, movement geek and expert (our word not his) on all things PT entrepreneurial related.  We discussed his path to becoming a Physical Therapist, how he uses movement within his treatment paradigm, and the reasons that led him towards creating his brand, Modern Manual Therapy, the Eclectic Approach & inventing the Edge Mobility Tool & System

We also learn about his approach to educating patients about pain, as well as which music he likes to listen to while working.  He’s one of the leaders in the movement profession, and is respected for his viewpoint, ability to synthesize information and as a true gentleman.

This was a fun episode, so enjoy!  And if you do like it, do what Erson suggests at the end of the episode and share it, while telling everyone, including your parents, to listen.

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