Episode 7: Grant Hayes




This week, the guys speak with Grant Hayes, developer of the #BeFirst app and fellow movement geek.  #BeFirst is an app focused on neuroperformance training, utilizing your smartphone.

Check out the website at:


Through a series of neruoperformance-specific training & drills, #BeFirst can improve visual and audio reactions and processing, decision making, speed and accuracy.

It’s an interesting conversation, and a really cool app, which both NIck and Adam have been using with success.


Check it out



Episode 6: Ryan Kendrick

The guest for episode 6 is physiotherapist Ryan Kendrick, founder of Dynamic Tape and a fellow movement geek.  In this wide ranging conversation,  Adam & Nick talked with Ryan about movement, manual therapy and its role in pain science, & the biopsychosocial aspects of working with an individual.  We also discussed tissue damage and the role of load when progressing injured tissue, and of course, Dynamic Tape!

We’ve had some really great conversations so far on 2MG&AG, and this one is no different.  Ryan is able to discuss the research and, more importantly, how to apply it.

Be sure to check out more information about Ryan and his teachings at https://www.dynamictape.info/.

Episode 5: David Tiberio

This week, the guys interview Dr, David Tiberio, Ph.D, PT, FAFS, dean of the Gray Institute, where Nick and Adam earned their Fellowship in Applied Functional Science (FAFS).  David (DT)  is a PT of over 40 years, who has extensive experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, and mentor.   He is one of the great minds in the movement profession, and we are honored he chose to hang with us for this informational conversation.

In this episode, we hear about his journey into movement, including research in dynamic systems theories, and how it influenced his outlook as a clinician.  We are excited about this episode, because DT has been such an influence in developing our thought process, specifically about integrated movement.


Episode 4: Steve Capobianco

This week Adam & Nick had a great conversation with fellow movement geek Steve Capobianco. In our wide ranging conversation, we talked about movement, fasica, tape, and also some of his really interesting findings utilizing diagnostic ultrasound.  Dr. Capobianco is a chiropractor and Director of Medical Affairs for Rocktape, and co-owner of Project Move in Littleton, Colorado.

Episode 3: Q&A with Nick and Adam

This week, the listener is a fly on the wall during a conversation between Adam & Nick.  Our guest had to reschedule at the last minute, but we had a lot to say and so we interviewed each other!  We talk about our first two weeks of podcasts and what we got out of it, as well as just some random thoughts on movement and what we’ve been thinking about recently.

Its a fun and wide ranging conversation, touching on pain, behavior change, remodeling of tissue, stretchy tape and more!