Episode 12: Todd Hargrove

In this great episode with Todd Hargrove, we learn about his path towards understanding Better Movement, which happens to be the name of his fantastic book.  Todd has a background in Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Functional Integration (Feldenkrais), and does a really fantastic job synthesizing this information with pain science.  Check out this conversation, which did have a bit of technical difficulty towards the end (around the 42-43 minute mark), and learn how Todd does what he does.

Also, be sure to check out Todd’s blog and teaching information at https://www.bettermovement.org

Episode 11: Chris Johnson, PT

In this episode, Nick and Adam talk with Chris Johnson, PT, and boy was it a great conversation!  We learned about how Chris developed his practice and what led him to develop his RunCadence App.  The guys discussed some relevant research, how he applies it, cadence, load management, and we also learn what some of Chris’s favorite drills are for the running population.

You’re definitely going to learn something in this episode!  For more information about Chris, check out http://www.chrisjohnsonpt.com, and be sure to check out his online educational resource, The Runners Zone.

Episode 10: Erson Religioso

This episode, Nick and Adam have the pleasure of talking with Erson Religioso, who is a physical therapist, educator, movement geek and expert (our word not his) on all things PT entrepreneurial related.  We discussed his path to becoming a Physical Therapist, how he uses movement within his treatment paradigm, and the reasons that led him towards creating his brand, Modern Manual Therapy, the Eclectic Approach & inventing the Edge Mobility Tool & System

We also learn about his approach to educating patients about pain, as well as which music he likes to listen to while working.  He’s one of the leaders in the movement profession, and is respected for his viewpoint, ability to synthesize information and as a true gentleman.

This was a fun episode, so enjoy!  And if you do like it, do what Erson suggests at the end of the episode and share it, while telling everyone, including your parents, to listen.

Episode 9: Ask the Movement Guys

In this fun episode, as Nick and Adam answered questions taken from the listeners.

The guys talk about some of their major influences, including Gary Gray, Michol Dalcourt, Tom Hyde, Dan McClure, Craig Buhler and others.

They discussed their viewpoints of some of the differences between ‘movement systems’ (FMS vs 3DMaps), progressive strategies for working with joints, knee mechanics and relative motion, compression versus distraction and also some of the things Adam and Nic are thinking and learning about.  We also learn why Nick likes yerba mate tea so much.

Come listen, learn and have fun!

Episode 8: Kathy Dooley

This week the guys converse with fellow movement geek and Chiropractor Kathy Dooley.  In this wide ranging discussion, Kathy talks about her clinical thought process, the (many) interesting projects she is involved with, as well as the major influences for her clinical practice.

Kathy is the co-founder of Catalyst Sport in NYC (http://catalystsportnyc.com/),  is an educator on numerous levels including NKT and Immaculate Dissection,  and regularly contributes her thoughts and knowledge at  http://www.drdooleynoted.com.   Her knowledge,  passion for helping people and enthusiasm for work is second to none, and we’re excited to have her on the podcast.

Check it out!